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Mission Update – Winter 2014

Mission Update – Winter 2014

Dear friends,


First I must apologize for having gone so long without an update.  I look back, and the last time I wrote was in Winter 2012.   My only excuse would be that of being busy – a lot has happened, I’m happy to say!


Since I last wrote to you, I have returned to the working world as a Program Manager at a local manufacturing company.  That position was just the right mix of income and available time to allow me to complete my Certificated Flight Instructor Airplane and Instrument ratings (CFI and CFI-IA respectively).  The initial CFI especially represents a major achievement, as many fail on their first try.  It felt good to get that one done!  I’ve discovered as part of that process that teaching people how to fly is something I really love to do.


My second child, a son we named Corbin, joined us October 9th of this year, and is healthy and loud – everything a newborn should be.  We are now blessed with two miracles!   Kyndall is a very busy 3 years old, and continues to stretch my beautiful wife and I with her energy.


The next step for me now is finding a way to attend Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT or A&P) school.  Most are a two year technical education.  The obstacles are large and many – I would have to step away from work for an extended period, which for a single-income family is a daunting prospect.


I have again planned to leave my “normal” work behind and start a flight school here in Coeur d’ Alene starting with the New Year.  If I am so equipped, I plan on using the financial provision and ongoing income from this school to at least partially fund attendance at an AMT school here in Spokane, WA in 2015.  I am also beginning the process of exploring financial support from faith partners that are willing to aid in the expense of getting my Airframe and Powerplant licenses.  While prospects are looking good, there is of course no guarantees of enough financial resources to make it through a winter going to school instead of working!



  • Passing my CFI checkrides represents the pinnacle of my flying education.  I feel so privileged to achieve this level of piloting.
  • My son arriving healthy and happy.  For a couple that has heard “you will never have a child”, we are blessed with two gifts from the Lord!
  • Finding work at just the right time that helped fuel the journey these past two years.


Prayer requests

  • Continued financial provision to cover the mounting medical bills from Corbin’s birth.  The “Affordable” Care Act notwithstanding, insurance did not cover any of his medical expenses.
  • Prayer and financial partners for my journey to AMT school, ideally beginning this coming Fall of 2015.
  • That our property of 20 acres outside of Plummer ID would sell quickly and for a reasonable price to aid in this journey.
  • A successful launch and busy summer for my flight school I have named Latitude Aviation.



Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us on this long road.  Your support has been very much so felt and appreciated.


God Bless,


Jeff, Sheri, Kyndall and Corbin Fouche.