High Performance Paper Gliders

The Gliders

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What are GoFly Gliders?

The GoFly glider kits are laminated paper construction, high performance gliders designed to fly well from hand launch or with a catapult.  After cutting to shape and assembling each glider per the instructions, the gliders should have no trouble being tuned to fly straight and true.

Each GoFly glider pays homage to an airplane that is historical, meaningful, or just plane fun.  They are engineered to be balanced and ready for flight as soon as the glue is dry.

Who will like GoFly Gliders?

Anyone who has a passion for aviation, airplanes, flying, or just likes paper airplanes.  Kids (whether 10 years old or just a kid at heart) are suckers for paper airplanes in general, and many really enjoy tuning their aircraft for maximum performance and distance.  Some like building them, all will like flying them!

When were GoFly Gliders invented?

GoFly came about due to the passion of the inventor Jeff Fouche.  He grew up flying the awesome WhiteWings© paper airplane kits, and the enjoyment and fun of those airplanes is a fond childhood memory.  After he began moving towards his mission call, he was looking for ways to raise money for MAF using his engineering talents.  GoFly was born with a 1-airplane kit of the excellent Quest Aircraft Kodiak, of which a substantial portion was donated to MAF.