High Performance Paper Gliders


GoFly Brand gliders are a product of Inceptus, Inc.  GoFly Gliders are designed and manufactured in the USA!

More about Inceptus, Inc.:

Inceptus Inc. was started in 2012 to provide versatile, authentic, comprehensive design services to clients around the USA.  Owner and founder Jeff Fouche started the company to help raise funds for his missionary calling.  Highlights include the GoFly brand of paper gliders, gas and oil field tools, as well as online Solidworks help videos.

Mission Statement: Inceptus is a premier design and manufacturing resource for the Northwest. We put the customer first, practice sudden service, and hold true to our values. We are always seeking improvement in everything we do.

Versatile: Inceptus is a design and manufacturing resource that is diverse – Inceptus either can or will develop the ability to design and manufacture anything our customers require.

Comprehensive: Inceptus is continually seeking to be valuable to our customers by acting as an advocate. We think with the mind of our customer, act with our customer’s needs at the forefront, and represent our customers to THEIR customers and vendors with absolute professionalism and competence.

Authentic: Inceptus starts with the same letter as Integrity for a reason. We are upfront with our estimates, pass along savings (and cost increases) to our customers, and always act in a forthright, honest manner.

Vision: Inceptus will continue to capture new customers with our quality of work, the value we can develop with new or existing products and services, and retain happy customers with our integrity and service mindset. Inceptus will grow as a loose conglomerate of engineering professionals dedicated to creation of cost savings, improving quality, and preserving a sustainable supply chain.

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Inceptus Inc.

3003 N 5th Street

Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83815