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Quest Aircraft Kodiak

3 MAF Kodiaks – Click for Wallpaper Gallery! Photo: Quest Aircraft

Great video showing an MAF Kodiak in action in Kalimentan, Indonesia

About the Quest Aircraft Kodiak:

The Quest Aircraft Kodiak is a 10-seat, multirole utility aircraft designed and built for service in the mission field.  Quest Aircraft maintains an excellent site where you may find out more about the detailed performance and specifications of this fine aircraft, but in brief, highlights are listed below:

  • Performance:
    • Takeoff and landing in around 750 feet at full gross weight of ~7500 lbs.
    • Cruise at ~150 knots.
  • Equipment:
    • Standard avionics includes Garmin glass cockpit.
    • Options include TKS ice protection, synthetic GPS-derived vision displays, belly cargo pod, oversized tires, amphibious floats and more.
  • Capabilities:
    • Useful load of almost 2 tons on wheels.
    • 10 seat, quick-change cabin allows people on the flight out, cargo on the flight back or any mix in between.
    • High set, rugged landing gear tolerate unimproved airstrips and even off-airport landings with confidence.
  • Notable features helpful for mission service:
    • 4 blade prop reduces risk of prop strikes.
    • Side exhaust is unique to this class of turboprop aircraft, and permits operations even in long, dry grass without risk of starting fires.
    • Dual-airfoil wing with vortex generators and massive flaps permit a very wide flight region, with controllability right down to stall – very important for safe access to short, obstructed landing strips.
    • Landing and takeoff performance (in terms of ground roll) are similar or better than a Cessna 206 – meaning no airstrip changes are required to use existing airstrips.
    • Turboprop power – instead of piston engine – means use of readily available jet fuel overseas.  Avgas for piston engines is scarce, expensive, and a logistical nightmare in many overseas locations.
    • Wingspan was selected to permit use of existing hangar and parking facilities worldwide, reducing barriers to service in replacement and augmentation of existing Cessna 206 fleets.
    • Extra design attention permits relatively easy field service in primitive locations.
    • Wet wing with oversize fuel tanks allows extended missions between “dry” flights to homebase to refuel – big plus for 5-6-7 airstrip days in the jungle.

Quest builds 9 aircraft for retail sale, and negotiates the sale of every 10th aircraft essentially at cost to a worthy missionary or humanitarian organizations.


Why was this aircraft chosen for GoFly?

The Kodiak was purpose built for the mission field – make no mistake, some of the most experienced mission pilots, aircraft designers, and manufacturing professionals in the industry built this aircraft with missionary service in mind.  It has been selected by most of the large mission organizations (MAF, JAARS, etc.) as the aircraft they will be procuring for most of their operations worldwide.  As part of the Wings of MAF kit and the original Kodiak kit, it was a natural fit for the mission - just like in real life.