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Cessna 206 Stationair

Cessna 206 in service Photo: On His Wings of Love

The Cessna 206 Stationair is a rugged utility single engine piston aircraft in service around the world as a air taxi, short-haul cargo plane, and of course with mission organizations around the globe.  More about this fine aircraft can be found in a number of places.


Why was it chosen by GoFly?

It is important simply because it has served mission organizations world wide for decades.  Some aircraft are still serving after 20 years in the jungle, several rebuilds, and wearing out dozens of engines.  The pounds of medicine, food, supplies as well as numbers of bible translators, missionaries, medical patients, and more that have been carried by this aircraft are beyond measure.  Many times the first aircraft any indigenous people has ever seen was a 206.  It is the ubiquitous symbol of tireless service by aircraft of those in need.